Putrajaya - Hot Air Ballon Festival 2010

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Putrajaya - Hot Air Baloon festival 2010 was held in last week in P2, it was so crowded and for sure they were so many cars on the road over there too. We had to park very far away, i think around 5 km we walked to the ground. We went there around 5pm because waited for a friend since 3pm... The weather was totally bad... hazy and dark not much cloud to cheer up the sky... just see the photos.. i will try to explain..

One of my friend - Kenny - try to mount a friend's handphone on my tripod... genius :)

This Hot Air Balloon belong to Malaysia.. A bit torn up + dirty... :(

The morale = Please park at the right parking slot, else u will get summon!!

Family try to ignite the engine...

Our friend - Doglikez~

Some fireworks from that night~~

This is the Putrajaya Bridge at Precinct 2 and its night view :)~

Thanks for Viewing~

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