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Siong Ho is located along Weld Quay opposite the mix surname jetty, in a food court recognized as Hualy Food Court. As its just along the road side, with big signboard, you can just easily find this shop. Even if you still can't it, you can check the GPS location which is stated at the lowest part of this blog for your ease to find it. Now, lets get started, the main interest at this shop is to me is that every order that you made, the ingredients that is used to cook are super fresh! There are fish meat/fish head pieces (raw or deep fried), squid, frog, prawns, eggs, crabs and many many more! By the way, thanks to Criz for inviting us to taste out these great foods. Criz can be found at Make sure you guys pay a visit to his blog, inside his blog is a big fountain of delicious food review!

One of the signboard that you can see (松和的其中一个招牌)

Siong Ho, Highly recommended dining place as you can see they are quite famous, being interviewed and recognized by the locals.

Red with blue spots: Coral Grouper (七星斑), Goldband Jobfish (Kalak) & Giant/Goliath/Estuary Grouper (Loong Tan/龍膽石斑)

Lively Crab (活螃蟹)

On the left is the hard boiled eggs, while on the right is the fresh naked frogs (左边是熟蛋,右边是新鲜的田雞)

Beverages served(Hot/Cold)
Barley (玉米) RM1,
Spica Prunellae Vulgaris Herbal Tea (夏枯草涼茶) RM1,
Dried Longan Tea (桂圓茶) RM1.20,
Ginseng Root Wolfberry Red Date Tea (洋参鬚杞子紅棗茶) RM1.40

Look at the size of the fish! BIG! (鱼的体积好大)

Tom Yam Prawn Maggi Mee 東炎蝦麵RM9-RM10

Tom Yam Sotong Bee Hoon 東炎魷魚米粉RM6

Tom Yam Fried Fish Head (Thick) Bee Hoon 東炎炸魚頭粗米粉RM6

Crab (Thick) Bee Hoon 螃蟹清湯粗米粉RM5/100gms

Grouper Fish Bee Hoon 石斑魚肉清湯米粉RM8

Frog Porridge 田雞粥RM6/100gm

Crab Porridge 螃蟹粥RM5/100gms

Frog Mee Suah 田雞麵綫RM8

Fried Fish Maggi Mee 炸魚肉清湯麵RM6

Chinese Pomfret Porridge 斗底魚粥RM7/100gms

Pork Mee Suah 肉料麵綫RM4.50

Claypot Fish Head 紅燒魚頭RM12-RM15

Fried Fish Bee Hoon 炒炸魚肉米粉RM6.50

After tried so many plates of delicious food served, i found my first choice, and it goes to Frog Mee Suah 田雞麵綫, the frog is so fresh and so meaty. Cheap yet super delicious! :) Second choice will go for Tom Yam Prawn Maggi Mee 東炎蝦麵. Nicely sour and fire-ly hot! Third goes to Chinese Pomfret Porridge 斗底魚粥. I like the freshness of the fish itself.

Overall Rating:
Ambience: Average
Taste: Excellent
Pricing: Just nice
Service: Comparably fast

@ Pusat Makanan & Minuman Hualy
107-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay), 10300 Penang.
Contact: 012-417 8998 (Ah Hao)
Business Hours: 12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight
GPS: 5.411897, 100.337313

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