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De title. An unique restaurant brought to Penang food lovers creatively by 2 young and experienced cooks who traveled over many places in the world looking for fine dining recipes. The restaurant was brought to business since Dec 2010, the building is located at the lorong selamat, with the outer view in purple color, the building is very easy to recognise even from far away. According to these 2 young ladies/ restaurant owner, the whole building was painted and decorated by themselves together with their friends and family. The purple colors solely represent the happiness.

I was so lucky to get invited to this round of food review thru Qzzzy. Below were some pictures of the days, mostly about the food we were reviewing. There were 9 dishes served. All were served in western style, cooked by these 2 young cooks. We tried, mushroom soup, pizza, spaghetti, udon mee, chicken chop, fish chop. Although you might think that the foods i named above is just common western serve, but hey, its not. For example, the fish fillet actually can be served in many type of homemade sauce such as the cheesey, onion gravy, teriyaki, tomyam, black pepper.

The outlook of de title. Easily to get noticed, location is at Lorong Selamat, penang.

This is the interior of the restaurant. Suitable for 2 person dating.

Or even family gathering, the area can be arranged to seat up to more than 15 peoples.

Student card - Entitled for 15% on lunch, 20% on dinner, 10% on event party package.

Loyalty card - Entitled for 5% on lunch, 10% on dinner, 10% on event party package, 5% extra for member's day.

Call the number for any booking or inquiries.

The wall beside the staircase before going up to the second floor.

Mushroom Soup! with toasted bread

Chicken Ham Pizzailo - RM13.90

Udon Mee (seafood) - Rm13.90

Pasta Aglio Olio - RM13.90

Cheese Bake Macaroni - RM12.90

Crunchy Fried Chicken Chop - with rice RM13.90, with Mashed potato/chips RM14.90, Extra 1 egg with additional RM1

Grilled Fish Fillet - with rice RM13.90, with Mashed potato/chips RM14.90, Extra 1 egg with additional RM1

Chicken Chop in Garlic Butter sauce

The Angel and demon

After tested all the 9 dishes, i personally would rate the chicken chop in butter garlic sauce as the most favorable dish for me. It was just so irresistible. Next is the dish called angel and demon; is a must-try dish. The mud cake with melt chocolate inside when eat together with the ice cream, it will just make u wanted for more.

Beside the unique interior design, i was told that, the menu can be customize also. It was confirmed by these 2 young cook. The dishes served can be customized according to the customer as the theme. The cook will created the treats menu creatively according to the name suggested by the customers.

Overall Rating:
Ambience: Very nice
Taste: Nice
Pricing: Very Reasonable
Service: Medium

detitle dining cabin
Address: 97 Lrg Selamat, 10400 Penang, Malaysia.
GPS: 5.417293,100.325001
Contact: 604-229 7961, 012-478 2757 (Ean Lau) or 012-4069166 (Janice Ooi)
Halal: Yes

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