Watch Hong Kong Drama with PPStream without region restriction with Windows 7

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PPStream has restricted region restriction to access to Hong Kong drama as copyrighted issue, however you may get this issue fix by referring to this article. 

1. Go to  C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\PPStream.
2. Open the following file with notepad and replace with following line. 

  1. [areainfo] 
  2. servertime=1318520564 
  3. localtime=1318520576 
  4. country=4S4K3ZM3XU 
  5. area=4WGY5ZFYTQ
  6. province=42YZ72ELR4 
  7. city=4WGZPZF2VQ 
  8. net=42KZT2ECWLT33EI
  9. ip=3526115369 

  1. [areainfo]
  2. ret_code=200
  3. last_tick=1051906
  4. country=4S4K3ZM3XU
  5. area=4WGY5ZFYTQ
  6. province=42YZ72ELR4 
  7. city=4WGZPZF2VQ 
  8. net=42KZT2ECWLT33EI 
  9. ip=692071634
  10. ut=1318520576 

3. Open Windows Run and run the following command, 
  • attrib +r %appdata%/PPStream/ppsarea.ini 
  • attrib +r %appdata%/PPStream/psnetwork.ini 

4. You have done. Note: 1. This article apply for Windows 7 and Windows 8 only.

Just for sharing :)

As for IOS device:

1-Add proxy with port 80
2-Open ppsSelect the HK showand click to check for episode,wait for the 20advertisement
3-Quickly navigate to home>settings>wifi>Switch off  Prox。
4-Back to ppsand enjoy the show!

 Update 28/3/2013

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 Update 25/6/2013

破解 iPhone/Android PPS观看港台戏剧~
注意!拍完这个视频后我发现一个问题,就是在最后一个步骤,记住请不要倒回关闭 http proxy 输入ip后去刷新pps就可以直接看了,如果关闭了 http proxy下一次要看就需要重新破解一次,所以不需要关闭,这样就可以每一次顺利的使用,
IP: Port: 80
IP: Port: 80
Android 4:0 設置方法:
1)到setting的wifi選項 2)長按你的SSID(router) 3)選modify network,勾上show advanced options。 把proxy settings改成manual 4)在proxy hostname填202.98.123.126 port放8080 5)打開你的pps,選港台劇場。Android 修改后也可以收看到了!

iphone 設置方法:
2)HTTP 代理 改成 手动
3)服务器: 或
Iphone的朋友 如果不明白请查看影片

  More ip: port 80 port 8080 port: 81 

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