Android email apps - Maildroid Pro 2.66

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MailDroid Pro

1. Export your settings if you had previously installed MailDroid. (Optional)
2. Uninstall MailDroid.
3. Run LuckyPatcher to delete unnecessary .ODEX file if you patched it previously. (you see the operation result in a popup).
4. Install app from apk in this post.
5. DON'T RUN IT just hit DONE.
6. Now, verify you have Data or WiFi Connection Active.
7. Run LuckyPatcher, select MailDroid keeping your finger on it and select from window "Remove License Verification" > Auto Modes!.
8. Uncheck Auto mode! and Check Auto Mode!(Inverse) and Other Patches(Extreme Mode)! and Apply.
9. Wait until all operation finished. You will see what was patched (Don't be in panic, not everything will be patched).
10. Exit from LuckyPatcher and run MailDroid.
11. Import your settings. (Optional)

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