Virtual Audio Cable 4.10 Win7 Sound from speaker and bluetooth speaker

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How to do it:
1) Create one virtual audio cable. Is already created after install, it is called "Virtual Cable 1". You don't have to modify anything.
2) Run "Audio Repeater (KS)" from Start menu.
3) In the Wave In combo select "Virtual Cable 1".
4) In the Wave Out combo select "Audio Speaker" (depends on computer).
5) Click Start
6) Run SECOND "Audio Repeater (KS) from Start menu.
7) In the Wave In combo select "Virtual Cable 1".
8) In the Wave Out combo select "Audio SPDIF Out" (depends on computer).
9) Click Start
10) Run Windows Media Player, go to menu Tools, Options, Devices, double click Speakers, select Virtual Audio Cable, click OK 2x.
11) Play audio in the player
12) Enjoy never before possible multiple output audio playback!

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