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Last weekend i was invited by Criz to join the Review session with a bunch of bloggers for the current blooming famous burger restaurant. Its the New York Burger!

Actually I had been to the shop around 1 month back, that time i was meeting out my photography friends for street shooting. It gave me a deep impression with the charcoal burger, the burger looks really dark, but delicious! By the way its not all the burger sold here black, dun misunderstanding >.<

Lets talk more about the restaurant. According to the in charge person, the shop "New York Burger" also known as New York Burger Time, was first started with New York Pizza. New Work Pizza is located at sg. Dua area. As for this New restaurant (4 months old as of now), the exact location is at georgetown area, Jalan Irrawadi.easily spotted by the left side when u reach Jalan Irrawadi.

Whats so special about the restaurant?

**Special: Weekly special, Example: Calzone, Seafood burger (little mermaid), Hot chicken skewer, chicken lasagna.

Scroll down to see what we had during the review session, we are fully satisfied with the food!

Lets start with the Burger review..

 Tadaaaa.... This is the serious Burger time~

Little mermaid (RM16.90) = 80% shrimp meat + crab meat + chicken meat = The completely juicy seafood burger. (The charcoal seafood burger with home-made Pineapple Mayo). ** Weekly Special

Brooklyn Brawl (RM15.90) = Grilled Beef + Chicken Patty + Cheese + Mince Chili Beef + Lettuce + Tomato. Big portion! Confirm stomach full!

Big Apple (RM14.90) = 2x Grilled Chicken + 2x Cheese + Chicken Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato + Cheesy Sauce. Dun judge the book by its cover, This is nice too, especially for chicken lovers, Chicken Bacon is inside there!

Yellow Cab (RM12.90) = Grilled Chicken Patty + Chicken Bacon + Sunny Side Up (egg) + lettuce + tomato + Home-made Tatar Sauce. Egg Lovers, this is for u~

Queens II (RM12.90) = Grilled Beef Patty + Mince Chili Beef + Jalapeno (medium-sized chili pepper) + Cheese + Lettuce + Onions. Not bad.

Carbonara Seafood (RM12.90)

Pizza Time!
NY Signature = Chicken/ Beef Pepperoni, Chicken Chunks, Pineapple, Green Pepper, Onions, Tomato, Button Mushroom, Mozarella Cheese, Tomato Sauce.

Pearl Harbour = Crab Meat, Pineapple, Seaweed, Mozzarella Cheese, Seafood Sauce. (Charcoal Base)

RM30 for 2 Regular size pizza, with addon RM2 for each Charcoal base pizza.

Chicken Lasagna (RM13.90)

Hot Chicken Skewer (RM13.90)

Cheesy Garlic Bread (RM8.90) Very Crunchy.

BBQ Wings (RM5.60 [Small]) (RM10.50 [Large]) - Spicy

Sweet Thai Wings (RM5.60 [Small]) (RM10.50 [Large]) Spicy

Calzone (Juicy Pizza) - ** Weekly Special. Must Try!

For this round of food review, i found that Yellow cab is my favorite burger, while my gf chose Big apple as her favorite burger. As for the pizza, there are just nice, while Calzone might be a better choice due to its juicyness. Happy trying~

Overall Rating:
Ambience: Nice
Taste: Excellent
Pricing: Comparably nice
Service: Moderate

Branch: New York Burger (Burgertime)
Address: 16, Jalan Irrawadi, Georgetown, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 042272626
Operating Hours: 11am-10pm daily
Halal: Yes

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Additional Info:
Branch: New York Pizza
Address: 723Z-G, Vanda Business Park, Yellow House, Jalan Sungai Dua, Gelugor, Penang.
Phone: 046552626

Branch: Lebuh Union
Address: Lebuh Union (nearby PENANG Bank Street and beside Standard Charted Bank or beside Maybank)
Phone: 042642626 or 0124231756 (Sunday off)

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