Taiping Trip Review

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It was a beautiful morning, on a fine saturday. We were invited to review a villa/ resort in Taiping. It was my first time to write a review on resort. So we start our car around 8.30am from Penang.

When we reached Taiping, we were brought to taste this tasty dish. It actually selling duck rice, but we only ordered the meat, because we still have to eat more on later part.

This plate consist of roasted duck, roasted pork, dachshund, sesame char seow. It cost us about RM12.00

We reached Sentosa Villa around 12pm. The weather is just fine. Not windy but with gentle breeze. 

The entrance of the resort. Very nice looking!

This is the interior design of the resort. there were few bicycles, motorcycles displayed. The design was modern looking and it also have big tables with chairs for their customers to chill on. 

We went to lunch at this canteen which only took us about 10 minutes walking distance. A very quite place where the environment is filled with gentle breeze.

Not to forget, the canteen also provide the free WIFI for the customers. Its a great feature for us, especially younger generation who always post photos to their blogs, facebook, instgrams, and etc.. 

Mushroom bruschetta - Not bad, but must consume while still hot.

Grilled chicken chop with honey cheese sauce - Good, recommended.

Sentosa villa fried rice - Kampung style fried rice, good.

Mixed grill - Good, recommended.

Spaghetti aglio ed olio with shrimps - Good, recommended.

After lunch, we went back to check in our room, it was Family Classic,
There are 2 sizes of room with 540 square feet and with 560 square feet, a balcony, air-conditioner, ceiling fan, minibar, safety box, a 32’ LCD TV, hot & cold water shower, hair dryer and electrical kettle. Family Classic is available in a king size and 2 single beds and a king size & 2 single beds for your preference. Each room has own bathroom with bathtub and hand shower, toiletries & amenities.

Low Rate - MYR318.00
Shoulder Rate - MYR358.00
Peak Season Rate - MYR398.00

Each room has own bathroom with bathtub and hand shower, toiletries & amenities.

Next we went to check out the Bunglow,
The biggest unit available occupying landmass of 860 square feet with 2 rooms (2 Queen-size mattresses in each room) upstairs. Well equipped with air-conditioners, ceiling fans, safety boxes, hot & cold water showers, hair dryers in the rooms. There is an open-air dining hall with a 32’ TV outside the rooms. While at downstairs, there is an entrance hall, a pantry with refrigerator, electrical kettle and some kitchen utensils.

Low Rate - MYR588.00
Shoulder Rate - MYR628.00
Peak Season Rate - MYR668.00

Two Queen size bed in 1st room.

Another two Queen size bed in 2nd room.

Then we went to Deluxe Villa,
There are total 4 units with 490 square feet each, well equipped with a 32’ LCD TV, a balcony, air-conditioner, ceiling fan, minibar, safety box, hot & cold water shower, hair dryer and electrical kettle. The Deluxe Villa is available in a king size bed. Relaxation gazebo is provided in the suite garden area to enjoy your day with fully relaxation.

Low Rate - MYR188.00
Shoulder Rate - MYR228.00
Peak Season Rate - MYR268.00

This room is more suitable for couple. Its more to English style.

Lastly we went to Family Villa
A Balinese style chalet with 640 square feet with a balcony with a vine swing, come with 2 air-conditioners, ceiling fan, minibar, safety box, a 32’ LCD TV, hot/cold half open-air rainforest shower, hair dryer and electrical kettle.

Low Rate - MYR318.00
Shoulder Rate - MYR358.00
Peak Season Rate - MYR398.00

The view from balcony let us relax and had a pleasant stay.

There were a lot of classic games provided. The Darts, the see-saw, the ping pong, and etc.
Kids will like this see-saw.

I think most kampung kids will remember this game. We used to jump hop on the box to play the game. 

This is the arena for playing ping pong ball.

One could just stay under this to have some fine drinks, chit chat with friends and family.

Before i forget, there is a small waterfall with rocks, just like others, we like to challenge to snap the white silky smooth water flow, down from the stream.

As for the animals around, there were ducks, goose, chickens, fishes, rabbits, pigeons and etc.

The day ends with some glaring flare of the sunset.

As for the BBQ dinner, we have the salad.

 Some water melons.

Some fried vermicelli aka Bee Hoon

 Some fishballs, nuggets.

 Some raw satay for us to BBQ.

 Some marinated fish too.

 Some marinated chicken wings.


 Raw corn


Some jelly puddings

All raw foods were BBQ and arranged nicely by Master criz. 

Yummy, the foods still smells in my mind!
we end the night with a nice cruise around Taiping town.

The next morning, we were hungry. We wake up early and check out for breakfast

By the way, there are cakes sold at the canteen's counter. I never try, so i not sure nice or not.

Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs.

 Breakfast - Breads.

 Breakfast - Fried rice.

 Breakfast - Fried vermicelli

 Breakfast - Mixed vegetables.

 Breakfast - Porridge.

 Breakfast - Fish ball with hot dogs.

Breakfast - Water melons.

I ate these for breakfast. Taste normal. 

After breakfast we were leaving Sentosa Villa, we went to Kuala Sepetang's charcoal factory. 

 Suddenly got strong feeling to shoot this.
The woods were burnt into charcoal by this "igloo" alike oven 

According to auntie, the charcoal is from specific kind of woods and it tooks around 40 days to finish burnt (became charcoal).

So we went here for our lunch + dinner. Its at the town area. Riverside. 

The tiny crab were deep fried to became this dish. Nice to eat with dipping the chili sauce provided. But a bit sad for the baby crabs.

 Kong Poh Sotong (Squid). I feel this dish is just taste normal. 

 This black pepper salty prawn dish was nice. Most of the bloggers ate little due to afraid of the cholesterol. But i felt wasted, so I ate a lot .

 This special tofu is the most awesome dish we ordered. Recommended. Must try. Supper yummy!

This lala is not bad, quite juicy.

We ended the trip at 3pm plus. We reached penang around 6pm plus. All were tired, but had an awesome weekend. 

Thanks to the organisers (Criz and Jonny) and all the other bloggers. 

Sentosa Villa Address: Jalan 8, Taman Sentosa, 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Contact: +60 13-593 1000

Overall Rating:
Ambience: Just Nice
Pricing: Reasonable

The End

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