BED Coffee & Lounge - Juru Penang

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BED - 5 of us went to this lounge on 26th Dec 2010, which is the next day of christmas. Toshio, the sifu & driver, Mico, the PR, Shirlyn and Celine the models, and me the helper XD went for the fine drinks after our fabulous seafood dining in Ah Teong (Pantai Bersih). When we reached BED juru, immediately we were attracted by the interior design of BED, so comfortable and so relaxing. BED is actually double storey building, but the second floor only open at specific day of the week according to the person in charge there. If not mistaken, should be Friday and Saturday. But somehow, we managed to ask permission from the PIC to let us use the second floor. We grabbed the chance to have our photo shooting session, we were like block booking for the whole floor. Thanks for his kindness we spent around 2 hours just for shooting :) Sharing below is some of the photos taken by my camera. :)

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