Nikon D90 Firmware update - Lens Data

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1. Download and extract the New Lens Data (Win) or (Mac)

2. Copy the lens data “NKLD01002.BIN” to the memory card's root.

****During the update, do not:
• Remove the memory card
• Turn the camera off
• Operate any of the camera controls
• Attach or remove lenses
• Unplug or disconnect the AC adapter
• Remove the battery
• Subject the camera to powerful electromagnetic noise
Any of the above actions could cause the camera to become inoperable.

1 Insert the memory card containing the lens data into the camera.
2 Turn the camera on.
3 Press the MENU button to display the menus. Select Firmware version in the setup menu to display firmware version information.
4 Highlight Update and press the multi-selector to the right.
5 An update dialog will be displayed. Highlight Yes and press OK to begin the update.
6 Do not perform any operations while update is running.
7 Confirm that the update was completed successfully.
7-1. Turn the camera off and remove the memory card.
7-2. Check the lens data version as described in Step 2, “Check the current lens data version.”
7-3. If the new version is displayed, the update was successful.


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