Update your MK808 Firmware. Look here when u really wanna solve the flashing problem!

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Firmware update guide:
Step 1: Download the firmware file from google search, you will get the firmware which will end with *.IMG format, then download the Rockchip Batch Tool 1.7 from link at bottom. You will get two folders after unzip it.
Step 2: For “RockusbDriver”,this is the USB driver for MK808, there are different version (win8, win7,win xp,win vista), please choose the correct one when you install the driver; the other folder name is” Rockchip Batch Tool 1.7″ this is the flash tool.
Step 3: Connect your MK808 mini pc with your computer, and install the driver.
 here is very important, pls refer to below:
**Make sure your MK808 is in Mass Storage mode NOT MTP NOR CAMERA mode. You can check in setting>storage>upper right hand with 3 dot>click and choose the last one which is Mass Storage mode.
**Make sure USB debugging is on.
** Make sure checked for Unknown sources at security tab.
**Then u can activate the "connect to PC" in setting>USB menu. All these can be found in setting.

**Connect your MK808 to the OTG port with usb debugging ON (DO NOT USE OTG cable) just use mini usb to usb. From computer, go to device manager right click on the unknown device>update driver>Browse computer for driver>Let me pick Device Drivers>Show All>Have Disk>Navigate to where you have driver downloaded to Rockusb Driver v3.5>X86>win8>Install...
If driver installed successfully then you can continue install Finless Roms with ROM Flash Tool Just make sure you have USB Debugging turned OFF with This Tool..
After installing Driver Or you can leave it on for the RKBatchTool and .img Files please find a clip, and insert it into the hole open the flash tool,click ”RKBatchTool“,you can change the tools’ language as the following photo instruction” click” 语言”, select” 英文“ then choose the firmware you just download then Click”Restore” button to flash the firmware.

Caution: If you didn't install the Rockchip driver nicely then u will facing big problems. (Eg. u will saw pink color on device when inside Rockchip Batch Tool). U are required to have Green color icon on the device detected to proceed flashing procedures.

If you are using win8. 
Steps below are necessary.
How To Install Drivers In Windows 8 This works for driver refused by Windows 8 32/64 bit 1- Open the charms by pressing “win + I” keys from the keyboard and choose the “Change PC Settings” option from the lower corner.
2-Click the “General” tab and navigate to the bottom to select “Restart from the “Advanced Start up” option. It is recommended to save your works in progress before you click the “Restart Now” tab.
3- Your computer will pop out a start up menu once it reboots; select the “Troubleshoot” option from it.
4- Pick “Advanced Options” from the next window and click the “Start up Settings” from it followed by clicking the “Restart” option
5- Once the computer reboots, it will bring out another window with a number of options to pick from. Select “Disable driver signature enforcement” by hitting number 7 or F7 from the options and it will disable the driver signature enforcement to proceed with the booting of Windows 8. and install driver
6- Once Windows 8 is launched, you will get a security popup window with options, If you want to install your driver Disable drivers signature enforcement When u saw "Don’t install this driver software” and “Install this driver software anyway.” Click on the second option to proceed with the installation of the driver that you need to install. You may try disabling the User Account Control (UAC) and restart your computer to check if you can get rid of the ‘install anyway’ pop up.
7- Your device is installed and ready to use now. You can enable the driver signature enforcement again by restarting the computer. Before proceeding with any of the above steps, you should make sure that the drivers you are trying to install are safe, to avoid any risks associated with the installation. Once you figure out that your drivers are working fine after disabling the driver verification feature, contact the third party device driver manufacturer for the latest versions of Windows 8 drivers for your device to work on Windows.
*********** To download Rockchip Batch Tool 1.7 Click HERE. ***********

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