H-ARTISTRY 2014 DEBUTS IN PENANG THIS MAY (All about the artist)

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This year, H-Artistry Penang 2014 will be a promising event, hailing from Taiwan, beautiful DJ from Australia, hottest bands from our country will make sure the night is as awesome as you could had imagine!

Let's have some brief about the event guest.
– Artist Profile:

Magic Power (魔幻力量)
Hailing from Taiwan, this multi-genre MandoPop band brings a fresh and new style of music through their fusion of rock, hip-hop and EDM beats. Hailed as MandoPop’s number 1 EDM band, the boys from Magic Power have been taking over airwaves and hearts all around the world with hits such as ‘Gan Jue Fan’ and ‘Tian Ji’.  Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for an experience like no other with Magic Power at H-Artistry Penang 2014.

Magic Power Members:

Vocalists - 嘎嘎 GaGa and 廷廷 TingTing 
Guitarist - 雷堡 LeiBao
Bass - 凱開 KaiKai
Drummer - 阿翔 AhXiang
DJ - 鼓鼓 GuGu

DJ Brooklyn
Hailing from the land down under, Gold Coast’s DJ Brooklyn was introduced to the stage at a very young age and has not looked back ever since. Inspired by Havana Brown’s performance style, DJ Brooklyn is famous for her big-room tunes and will definitely send the H-Artistry Penang 2014 dance floor into a fist pumping, body rocking frenzy with her infectious energetic personality. 

Click on the play button above, it's DJ Brooklyn's latest MIX, listen while browsing my blog? :)

Paperplane Pursuit
Serenading the world with their pop-inspired beats and songs, Paperplane Pursuit is currently one of the hottest bands on Malaysian airwaves. Having released their first single and mini album in 2009, which was featured on MTV Asia, the trio have since released numerous hit singles such as ‘Everybody Wants Somebody’, ‘What If’ and ‘Beats of Your Love’. Get ready to be serenaded by one of Malaysia’s best pop bands at this year’s H-Artistry Penang 2014.

Imma*Bleep*YouUp (IMBYU)
IMBYU is one of Malaysia’s very own group of house music heroes – consisting of Mr Fluff, Addic3rd and Unkle Jaymz. Heavily influenced by Alesso, Avicii, Dada Life, and Tommy Trash, the big room style of IMBYU will definitely bring the house down at H-Artistry Penang 2014.

Last but not least, let's take a look on the promotional video!

What are you waiting for ? Secure your tickets now!
See you guys next weekend, dress code = Red!

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