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So, as said, the widely anticipated, H-Artistry party for 2014 was successfully held at the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA), last 2 week ago.
It was so lucky for us, the blogger to get invited once again to join this kind of big event. The event indeed had drawn a lot of Penangites, crowd from other states, just to party up safely!Hailing from Taiwan, beautiful DJ from Australia, hottest bands from our country really did their job well, they leaded our night to the max, the crowd were all so high! we really enjoy the awesome event as much as you could had imagine!
Thus, i would like to share some photos of the night! (photos credited to the photographer who work while we are having the awesome night!) Thanks ya~

First and foremost, just look at the grandness, the crowd of the event!

The event started at 9pm sharp. The actual stage was reveled! We were invited to get into our zone.

First 2 DJ, who really know how to made the night, the party to began!

Party started!

Then we had DJ Brooklyn who came all the way from AUSTRALIA! Our heart beat pumped as much as her music goes into our mind!

DJ Brooklyn front look, pretty lady right?

Then we had this group of trio (made in Malaysia) - Imma*Bleep*YouUp (IMBYU). Their music also not bad! They really know how to made party go'er getting higher and higher.

Imma*Bleep*YouUp (IMBYU) drink with all the party go'er!

John from Paperplane Pursuit! He's the main singer in the group of trio (made in Malaysia) too!

Finally we had Magic Power, group from Taiwan! This multi-genre MandoPop band brings a fresh and new style of music through their fusion of rock, hip-hop and EDM beats.

The party went on to the max when the collaboration of Paperplane Pursuit & Magic Power happened. The song were awesome! According to the them, this was the first time for them!

More photos coming!

When Imma*Bleep*YouUp (IMBYU) off the stage!

When Paperplane Pursuit off the stage!

When Magic Power off the stage!

More photos of the crowd!

We enjoyed the night and its our pleasure for being invited for such a big event of the year. Thanks to the organisers.

"This great part of this party was that it was done so responsibly that, after the event hours, there were booths outside of the entrance, where every party go'ers were given a bottles of mineral water to wash/ rinse their mouth. Besides, the event also collaborate with buses and taxi service, so that everybody can reached home safely! "

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